23 Aug 2022



At Excelsior Primary & Infant School, we aim to communicate effectively with all stakeholders. As such, each parent is asked to join two WhatsApp groups. One group deals with class-related activities and notices while the other is an admin group for essential notices from the Administrative Department. Once your child has been added to a class, your child’s class teacher will add each parent to the various class groups. Below are the links to WhatsApp Groups for all grades.

As a parent, we encourage you to join the admin groups so pertinent information can be accessed in real time.


Email provides a cost-effective way of providing parents with information. To that end, each student and staff member is furnished with a Gmail account that is unique to Excelsior Primary & Infant. Emails may pass securely from teacher to parent as well as from parent to student. These emails are also linked to Google classroom which is also used to support the teaching and learning initiative. Parents new to the institution are encouraged to access the instructional video which clearly outlines the steps to activate this account.


The RenWeb School Management System is used to store academic and attendance data for all students. With this system, academic reports are easily shared with parents and guardians on Report Days and fo whenever a student may need a transcript. Most importantly, it significantly reduces our carbon footprint and cuts costs.

We encourage all parents to create their Parents Web accounts which provide access to detailed information on their child’s academics and behaviour. Check out the instructional video below.



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